1998 Amateur Yearling Champion

Rowdy's High Standard D.
Sire: Rambler's Rowdy Lad

Photo by: Long Exposures Photography


Mom loved me, but she died when I was only 6 weeks old. She was a Zane, Mona Lisa and Yankee bred mare. So Bob Delcour of Delcour Stables, Marshfield, became my mother and my friend. He feed me every few hours but I really was lonesome.

In a few months I had a partner in the round pen. Another palomino, and OH! What a Cry Baby he was ("He missed his Mommy!") But I got him over that ! Bob had to make the pen bigger so we would have more room for our chasing, biting and rearing games. WOW!, was it fun getting all muddy and dirty.

This fall Bob decided I needed to stay in the barn, so that's when I met my Dad, "Rambler's Rowdy Lad", for the first time.

Bob started brushing me a lot and breaking me to lead and OH! MY!, he expected me to stand still when he shook that whip in front of my face. What kind of a world was this, anyway?

Then, guess what? He gave me a bath and put me in a trailer and I got to go for a ride. We went to the National Breeders Cup and there were lots of people and other horses there. Really exciting for a one year old.

Bob forgot his show sheen so he borrowed some. Didn't have ribbons, so he bought them. But with the help of friends, they had me looking so sharp I figured I'd better act like a gentlemen.

Then what did he do but lead me into this big place with all these people looking at me. Some of them even walked around me. I was so scared! I think the crowd was too because they yelled a lot. But I just kept looking at Bob. I knew he would save me.

Then they put this flowery thing on my wither (What a thing to do to a young Stud!) and gave Bob a cup and a big ribbon, and took our picture.

Well, we finally go back home and was I ever glad to get there. I excitedly told my Dad "Rambler's Rowdy Lad" all about it. Do you know what he said? "Son, been there, done that."

Story told by "Rowdy's High Standard"

Submitted by Bob Delcour


National Association of Breeders