1999 Open YearlingChampion

Pooch-In Boots
Sire: Tr-Mi Boot Scootin Boogie
Dam: Smokey Joe's Black Magic
Owner: Jamie and Danny Dry


By Jamie Dry

Pooch arrived at "LACED-IN-BIACK RANCH" at 10:30 P.M. on April 19, 1998.  I had sat watching his Momma, "SMOKEY JOE'S BLACK MAGIC (Maggie), pacing the stall, getting up, then down, for about an hour.  I finally thought it would be a while, so I left the barn for just a minute, and of course, that was all it took. When I got back, Pooch was making his way into the world. All I could see was the color "SORREL"!  Maggie is totally jet black and of course, his Daddy, "TRI-MI BOOT SCOOTIN BOOGIE" is black, but Boots did pass on his chrome.   Pooch is a red sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail, and I think that now I am really beginning to like the color!  Winning the BREEDER'S CUP was one of my main goals for Pooch and very exciting!  I handled and worked with Pooch most of his "baby" days and he was a very easy to handle, a quick learner.  I asked Wade Hightower to check him out when making his decision for a 1999 yearling to show and was very excited when Wade told me he would take him.  Wade has done an outstanding job with Pooch.  We entered the show grounds at one of the weekly shows one night, and as always I was looking around to find Pooch's competition (it has been really tough this year.  There are same really nice yearlings out there!)  I saw one tied to the trailer and turned to Danny and said "OOH, LOOK AT THAT ONE"!  Well, after another look, we both laughed...it was "POOCH"!  I didn't even recognize my own horse.  He had grown and became even more beautiful in two weeks time, thanks to Wade's good hand!  In my opinion, Wade Hightower is at the top of the list when training and handling these horses, and I would like to thank Wade, Patty, Justin and Cody for taking such good care of Pooch.


National Association of Breeders