1999 Open Yearling Reserve Champion

Velvet's Charisma M.R.
Sire: GMC Black Velvet

Eliminator's GoGirl
Owner: Miller Ranch

Velvet  Charisma

Velvet's Charisma MR

In 1998 her brother, "Velvet's Eliminator MR", won both the Breeders Cup and the Grand World Championship for yearlings.  We are very proud of "Velvet's Charisma MR" for winning the Reserve Championship in the 1999 Breeder's Cup.  She is a real feminine lady and her conformation is perfect.  She is very athletic like her brother, well coordinated with natural gaits.  She has a long strike and good rhythm.   These two yearlings are excellent representatives for the beauty of the Missouri Fox Trotter Breed.  We want to thank Johnny Miller for preparing the filly for the show.  Watch next year for "Velvet's Romeo MR", another beauty in this family that was born in 1999.


National Association of Breeders