1999 Open 2 Year Old Champion

Jester's Charming King R.
Sire: Traveler's Jester
Dam: Missouri's Charming Princess M.
Owner: Becky Bailey
Jesters Charming King

Once upon a time there was a horsewoman who said "I will never ever buy a stud horse" --- entirely too much trouble."   There was also a trainer who was saying, "I
am getting too old to be breaking and training any more studs. I'm not going to take
another one this year!"

That was when I heard about a young stud out of Mo. Charming Princess and Traveler's Jester.  I made the trip to Fayetteville to meet with Larry Robbins and Brad Davis who had just gotten the colt started.   He wasn't very impressive to look at with his hair and feet grown out and a large hunk of  mane pulled out but when I watched him move I knew that somehow I had to have him.  He was as full of personality as he was rhythm.

Well, Clifton Matlock changed his mind about taking another stud and I about
owning one.  It has been a thrilling and fun-filled year -- a fairy tale come true.

The Breeder's Cup was a well organized event with excellent horses of all ages. The arena was situated to promote crowd participation and at times it was literally rocking. While waiting for the judge's final results the lightning was flashing and crackling all around us.  Nancy Matlock and I were as unsettled as the weather was. We knew that King had gotten a good ride but neither of us could have told you how anyone else had done and where Clifton's number was called out we didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  I think we did both!

Congratulation, to the organizers and promoters of NBC for such a great show.  It has turned into one of  the most prestigious shows of the season.  Many thanks to Clifton and Nancy Matlock, Danny Starnes and Buck Thompson for riding, shoeing and caring for King this year.  Rernember Never Say Never!

Becky Bailey


National Association of Breeders