Amateur 2 Year Old Reserve Champion

Patriot's Sparkling April
Sire: Outlaw's Patriot
Mo's Charming April M.
Owner: Geno and Julie Middleton
Sparkling April

Patriot's Sparkling April M.
by Julie Middleton

Patriot's Sparkling April M. "Sparkle" was born to be a champion.  Her dam is the 1993 World Grand Champion, Mo's Charming April M. and her sire is the 1997 World Grand Champion, Outlaw's Patriot.  Her grandmother is the 1984 World Grand Champion, Bo's April Charm and her grandfather is the 1985 World Grand Champion Stallion, Missouri's Outlaw.

This beautiful gray mare was born on the Fourth of July hence the nickname "Sparkle".  Due to Sparkle's small size and the fact that she was a late colt, Geno did not want to push her too fast.  Sparkle and I won the Reserve 2 year old Amateur Championship at the Breeder's Cup.

After the Breeder's Cup, George and JoAnn Becker from Black, Mo purchased Sparkle from us and left her with Geno for more extensive training.  Sparkle continued to come on and with Geno's coaching and JoAnn's hardwork -- it paid off.   JoAnn and Sparkle went on to win the 2 year old Ladies World Championship at Ava, Mo.

Sparkle is truly a crowd-pleaser with her style, headshake, rhythm, beautiful front-end and natural foxtrot.  I know JoAnn and Sparkle are just beginning a promising and exciting show career together.  They will make a great team.   Watch for them Summer 2000!


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