1997 Reserve Champion

Traveler's Polaris
Sir: Missouri Traveler E.
Dam: Sensation's Cinnamon Stick
Owner: Don and Judi Bethard
Photo of Traveler's Polaris
Photo by: Long Exposures Photography
I will never forget the first time my wife, Judi, and I saw Traveler's Polaris. We had taken a few vacation days off after Christmas in 1996 to visit David Ogle at Diamond "T:" Stables to check on another horse we had in training there. Over dinner that night we had expressed to David that we might be interested in other horses if he ran across any that he thought might be an asset to our barm. He told us that if we would like to have a stud, he certainly had a good one in his barn to break for Chester Patterson. David explained that Chester thought highly enough of the colt that he would like to see someone buy it that would keep him a stud.

Polaris is out of Traveler and Sensation's Cinnamon Stick, Chester's mare. That Traveler/Sensation cross seems to be working very well.

David had been riding the colt for only two weeks, but he said he could already tell that he had a natural ability beyond any two year old he had ever sat on before.

David got Polaris out of the stall late that night to show him to us. He was remarkably calm for a two year old and very well proportioned. His sorrel color and nice large star on his forehead made a striking first impression on my wife and I. David quietly saddled him and proceeded to ride him around the barn. We could see immediately why he was so high on his little horse. Polaris was loaded with all kinds of natural rhythm and head shake. He had a certain air about him that just seemed to catch and hold our attention. The way Polaris moved just made you want to chuckle inside. After a full 15 minutes of observation we committed to purchase this beautiful colt.

As the months went by David did a wonderful job training Polaris for the 1997 Breeder's Cup Reserve Championship. He told us that only once every 20 years do you get to see a horse with this kind of talent.

It wasn't until after the Breeder's Cup that we realized what "Polaris" meant. Polaris is the name of the North Star, signified by the star on Traveler's Polaris' forehead. Polaris, the North Star, is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor (Little Dipper) , and all other Northern Hemisphere celestial objects appear to rotate around it . Truly our program can revolve around Traveler's Polaris for some time.

We are grateful that David Ogle spent a little extra time with us that winter night. We both think that David is a very nice young man and a dedicated trainer who is fully capable of bringing Traveler's Polaris to his fullest potential and achieving our highest goals set for this special horse. Polaris will stand the 1998 Breeding Season at Diamond "T" Stables in Marshfield, MO under the watchful eye and special care of his trainer, David Ogle.

Proud Owners:
Don and Judi Bethard
Hidden Hills Ranch
Gilmer, TX

The Open Reserve National Champion won a Missouri Foxtrotter saddle from PFI Western Store, a garland, a trophy, a horse cooler, and $3,299 in prize money!


National Association of Breeders