Grand I Am


2014 proved to be an exciting show season for “Grand I Am” (better known as Goose), Exhibitor/Trainer Josh Dampier of Eldridge, MO, and owners Vic and Alice Rowden of Buffalo, MO.  Dampier and Goose claimed the coveted Two-Year Old Open Championship at the Manna Pro National Breeders Championship show this August. 

Goose’s story started with breeders, Linda Berkman and Ken Kelly of Tunas, MO, who decided to cross their retired show mare ‘Stroker’s Spicey Pepper’ with NAB Nominated Stallion ‘Grand Central’.  Goose’s name was originally ‘The Galloping Goose,’ hence his nickname.  He was purchased as a coming two year old stud by the Rowden’s and they recruited young Josh Dampier to train and show the colt for them.  “We took him to Josh around the first of May, he rode him at LD Dampier’s barn for about a month before we saw him go for the first time, he had some good potential and we started looking forward to the first show at the Breeders Championship in August,” says Rowden.  Due to the fact that an exhibitor must be 18 years of age to show a stallion Rowden’s made the decision to geld Goose, “we couldn’t make Josh any older so the only option was to geld Goose,” says Rowden.

Dampier and Goose put on an exciting exhibition in both their respective classes at this year’s show, Rowden says “I believe this was as exciting to see Goose and Josh win the National Breeders Championship as any win we have had in the past.” As anyone who has shown horses knows, it takes a village to prepare a horse for the show ring; Rowden’s want to extend their thanks to “Linda and Ken for selling Goose, LD and Sheila for boarding, and the Dampier family for their support. Most of all we want to thank the youngest trainer to ever win the 2 Year-Old Open National Breeders Championship, thank you Josh!”

This win was especially exciting for young Josh Dampier, who is all of 17 years old, a Senior at Lebanon High School.  Dampier says Goose, “was a real gentle colt with a lot of smarts, he understood what I wanted and had the ability to do it. Getting a good horse is 90% of the battle ‘cause if you don’t have a good horse you have zero chance.  I really appreciate Vic and Alice giving me the chance to ride Goose and all of their help throughout the show season.”  The NAB Championship show is Dampier’s personal favorite, he says it’s always “exciting to see new young horses hit the ring, you never know who might show up and have the best young horse.”  Dampier says he “knew I had a good one, but I knew with the competition I would have to be right on, so I worked hard and did everything I could, and was lucky enough to come away with the win.”  It’s always a good feeling to see a plan come full circle, congratulations to Grand I Am, Vic and Alice Rowden, and Josh Dampier on their win at the Manna Pro National Breeders Championship!