California Nights


Chances are if you have been to many shows this past year you have watched Jody Jokisch and her golden palomino stallion ‘California Nights’ (better known as California) take a few laps around the show ring.  This team claimed the 2014 Two Year Old Amateur Manna Pro’s National Breeders Championship title and prize money.

California Nights was raised by Bob Redfearn  of Three Waters Ranch who brought together the talents of two of his WGC horses,  NAB nominated stallion ‘Southern Nights’ and ‘Patriot’s Challenge.’ Jokisch says that she “loves the quality of horses that Mr. Redfearn has been raising,” adding that she would “highly recommend visiting Three Waters Ranch when looking for your next "Dream horse," they have willing dispositions, natural gait, & beautiful conformation.”

There is usually a unique story behind every horses name and ‘California Nights’ is no exception.  Jokisch says that around Bolivar, MO, the “town folks call Mr. Redfearn “California Bob” because that is where he is from.”   Jokisch adds that she “wanted to name her golden stud colt after Bob & after his sire ‘Southern Nights’ and that is how CALIFORNIA NIGHTS came to be,” paying homage to both Mr. Redfearn and her colts sire, ‘Southern Nights’.

As seasoned horseman know there is a great deal of preparation and training that go into developing a young horse, Jokisch says that “Vance Vahle of Barham Stables in Bolivar, MO is responsible for helping California & her reach their goals, he didn't just train the horse, he trained ME with the horse.”  Jokisch has been riding fox trotters for years and is certainly no stranger to the show ring, but you won’t find her resting on any laurels, she states that she is “constantly learning new things.” She feels that it is very important to “really know your horse,” this allows the rider to be able to “correct the horse” without having to rely on a trainer or anyone else.  Jokisch adds that “It was all the training that she received along with her horse that gave her the confidence to ride California to the best of her ability.”

Jokisch and California had an exciting show at the Manna Pro’s National Breeders Championship, winning both their preliminary and championship classes.  Jokisch says that her favorite part of winning the championship “was when the announcer said "SIRED BY SOUTHERN NIGHTS!"  Bob Redfearn & his wife Pat (owners of ‘Southern Nights’) hold a special place in Jody Jokisch’s heart; “they have been so good to me!” When California and Jokisch were announced as NAB Champions she says that she “looked up and saw Bob's face in the crowd” and her “heart was filled with joy!”

Congratulations again to Jody Jokisch and California Nights on claiming the 2014 Two Year Old Amateur Manna Pro National Breeders Championship!

“It was truly a night I will never forget! Thank you Bob & Pat Redfearn & thank you Vance Vahle!! None of this would have happened without them. Thank you to the National Association Of Breeders for putting on such a classy show! From the president, on down the line, everyone was always very helpful. I appreciate it!”  -Jody Jokisch