flag daleThe 3nd Annual Breeders Cup was opened each night with Dale Esther, President of NBC, carrying the United States flag. This year’s Breeders Cup exceeded last years' purse with $118,000 given away in money and prizes. Prizes were donated by our Corporate sponsors. The first place Open Breeders Cup and Amateur Breeders Cup winners received the use of aFeatherlite Trailer for one year. The reserve winners of both Open and Amateur Breeder Cup received a saddle from Ortho-Flex Saddleslocated at Nevada, Mo. and presented by Mr. Len Brown.

Attendance exceeded last year with people coming from all over the United States and great support from the Lebanon area. In attendance on Saturday night was a large group of young people from a Riding Academy, most of this group had never seen a foxtrotter.

We were thrilled by the caliber of horses and riders participating in the 3 day event. From this writer's viewpoint and the roar of applause from the audience, the show receives an all around #1 rating. If this show set a standard for future Breeders Cup Shows...the officers and board of both NAB & NBC have lots of work ahead to make next year's show even better and continue this trend.

The two year old classes were filled with excellent horses! A few of these horses went out the gate without receiving a ribbon...most in attendance that we talked with agreed that it would be nice to take home any one of these horses. Breeders, amateurs and trainers are to be congratulated on a job well done.

If you missed the three year old classes, you missed the best performance classes ever to be held in our breed! The amateur 3 year old class had to be split to accommodate all the entries. The first ever 4 year old Breeders Cup class was down in number but made up for this factor with the best of the best competing for the blue. In the 3 and 4 year old classes we are seeing several of our Breeders Cup Stallions competing in the show ring -- in the future we will see these stallions competing against their offspring in senior division. That will be exciting!

Friday and Saturday night brought surprises to the audience with the Farkus family showing up again this year totally disrupting the show.  Due to an injury, the Farkus family had to leave quickly.  We heard through the grape vine that the injury was minor and all is well at the Farkus house.  A member of the family showed up unexpectedly on Saturday night to model a beautiful horse taking home a blue ribbon!   More details and pictures to come.

The Annual Business Meeting was held on Saturday at 1:00 PM with the election of officers.  After a brief discussion of business the meeting was adjourned so the board could get ready for the Model classes. 

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put on this show and all the volunteers who gave their time to help during the three day event.You are greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to the Exhibitors for their participation and support.  During the three day show we experienced one of the worst heat waves Missouri has had in recent years, so we know it was hot and dusty working your horses in the outside arena.   Any moisture that was put on the outdoor arena was dried up fast by the sweltering sun.   We attempted to help with this problem by keeping the indoor arena open extended hours so everyone could work their horses in more comfortable conditions. 

Thanks for helping make the 1999 Breeders Cup a SUCCESS!


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