The Farkus Family visit the Breeders Cup.



farkus nbcBack in August 1998 the Farkus family heard there was a big horse show in Lebanon, Mo. paying bucks called the National Breeders Cup just like the one Willie Ray & Beemer attended in 1997 at Springfield, Mo.

Beemer stayed home so Mama Farkus (Mary Grace) could attend with Willie Ray. They worked hard to win money in the Barrel Racing, unfortunately Mama fell off and their hopes of winning were over for 1998.










99 farkus family


Since Willie Ray and Beemer couldn't come to the '99 Breeders Cup, Mama Farkus decided to bring other family members.

Seems there is a marriage in the family very soon, Mama was so proud to introduce her soon to be in-law, a lovely lady with long jet black hair.







99 farkus mama


Mama Farkus has learnt to do flying leap onto her horse, remember Mama took a nasty fall last year and had to climb on a barrel to remount. She is determined never to be without a way to mount "Fluffy".

Be sure to visit with Mama and her family at the 2000 Breeders Cup Show.  

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