2004 National Breeders Championship


Two Year Old Open

1. Buttons And Bones, Pat AuBuchon
Buttons and Bones

2. Spitfire's Golden Sunrise, Mike Rutledge

Two Year Old Amateur

1. Amber Rose, Karen Jolley Leighton
Amber Rose

2. Secret Affair, Alice Rowden

3 Year Old Open

1. Patriot's Handsome Man, Steve Dampier
2. Prince Jester's Shadowfax, Randy Williams

3 Year Old Amateur

1. Jester's Playgirl M., Gary Wilkerson
2. Whup-De-Do, Lee Hackler

4 Year Old Open

1. Princess Jester's Charm, Mike Rutledge
2. Patriot's Charming Dawn, Geno Middleton

4 Year Old Amateur

1. The Remedy, Sharon Jolley
2. Patriot's Wicked Woman, Jane Montgomery

Senior Year Old Open

1. Alert's Hard Cash, David Ogle
2. Jester's Charming Princess, Mike Rutledge

Senior Year Old Amateur

1. Corkey Lee A., Sammie Barclay
2. Bound For Glory, Tom Owen


Weanling Model - Open

1. Secrets To My Heart, Donnie Daugherty
2. Perfection's Pure Country, Linda Shaddy

Weanling Model - Amateur

1. Saturday Night Waltz, Ruth Ellen Massey
2. Black Rain, Julie Christiansen

Yearling Model - Open

1. Twister's Locomotion, Johnnie Miller
2. Alert's Lady Sable, Brocke Laws

Yearling Model - Amateur

1. Frank's Kansas Kowboy D., Mark Holifield
2. Outlaw's Entertaining Queen, Monica Nichols