2006 National Breeders Championship


Two Year Old Open

1. King's Prairie Rose L., shown by Jerry Middleton
   Owner:  Stacey Lobaugh

2. Levi Alert, shown by David Ogle
   Owner: JoAnn Alford & Jan Alford

Two Year Old Amateur

1. Playboy's Travelin V., shown by Mark Holifield
     Owner: Jerry Van Ness & Mark Holifield

2. Star-Buck's Ginger Snap, shown by Karen Jolley-Leighton
   Owner: Sharon Jolley-Ballowe

3 Year Old Open

1. A Fancy Floozy, shown by Mike Rutledge
   Owner: Lee Hackler
2. Jester's Special Time M., shown by Geno Middleton
   Owner: Brian & Tara Land

3 Year Old Amateur

1. Patriot's Red Ruby, shown by Kent Hyde
   Owner: Jarrod Freeman & Kent Hyde
2. The Early Express, shown by Jan Alford
   Owner: Joyce Swope & Jan Alford

4 Year Old Open

1. Secret Affair, shown by Steve Dampier
   Owner: Vic & Alice Rowden
2. Spitfire's Golden Sunrise, shown by Mike Rutledge
   Owner: Ben & Nancy Israel

4 Year Old Amateur

1. Boogie's Peek A-Boo, shown by Tom Owen
   Owner: Tom & Betty Owen
2. Gold Crown's Mattie M., shown by Andy Mantle
   Owner: D. Andrew Mantle

Senior Open

1. Jester's Charming Legend, shown by Mike Rutledge
   Owner: Ben & Nancy Israel
2. Prince Jester's Ocala Star, shown by David Ogle
   Owner: Judith Brunson

Senior Amateur

1. Silver Dollar Tilly C., shown by Lisa Cantrell
   Owner: Danny & Lisa Cantrell
2. Midnight Alert, shown by Jan Alford
   Owner: JoAnn Alford & Jan Alford


Weanling Model - Open

1. Remedy's Olympic Gold, shown by Mark Holifield
   Owner: Jim & Regina Wood
2. Missouri Nights, shown by Ross Harper
   Owner: Deborah Byrne

Weanling Model - Amateur

1. Criminal Intent, shown by Rhonda Raney
   Owner: Garrett & Rhonda Edward-Raney
2. Hi-Tex Red Neck, shown by Brienna Schmidt
   Owner: Brieanna Schmidt

Yearling Model - Open

1. Prince Jester's Dark Magnolia, shown by Linda Shaddy
   Owner: Bruce & Judith Brunson
2. Playboy's Toffee Crème R., Gary Sartin
   Owner: Gail Rickard

Yearling Model - Amateur

1. Lord Of The Ring, shown by Garrett Raney
   Owner: Garrett Raney
2. Camelot's Time To Shine, shown by LeAnn Cook
   Owner: LeAnn Cook