2001 National Breeders Championship


Trainer's Family Class

Traveler's Polaris - Denise Ogle for Don & Judi Bethard
Turnbo Sensation - Linda Owens for Mike & Linda Owens

Two Year Old Open

Flick of Sunrise - Jamie Johnson for Harold & Jo Johnson
Sunday Sam 2H - Vance Vahle for Richard or Willa Danner

Two Year Old Amateur

Summer Jazz - Melissa Morgan for Melissa Morgan
Sunrise's Gold Spike - Jenalee Andreatta for Larry Stevens

3 Year Old Open

Golden Nugget - Keith Johnson for Keith Johnson
Cardinal's Miss Magic - Geno Middleton for Steve & Lisa Mayfield

3 Year Old Amateur

Cerra Sunrise - Sharon Jolley for Karen Jolley
Frank's Kansas Red D - Willa Danner for Richard & Willa Danner

4 Year Old Open

Jester's Charming King R. - Clifton Matlock for Becky Bailey
Major Sunrise - Jamie Johnson for Donald & Connie Stockton

4 Year Old Amateur

Jazz's Jackpot - Evan Wood for Evan and Lisa Wood
Sunrise's Brown Sugar - Tom Owen for Tom & Betty Owen

5 Year Old Open

Patriot's Traveling Spitfire - David Ogle for Ben & Nancy Israel
R.F.'s Sensational Playgirl M. - Doug Pascoe for Willis Roethemeyer

5 Year Old Amateur

Country Kate D. - Willa Danner for Richard or Willa Danner
Sierra Jazz - Gary Cornett for Pam Middleton and Gary Cornett


Weanling Model - Open

Barbie's Hippy George - Linda Shaddy for Jamie or Dannny Dry
Tequila Playboy - Debbie Edwards for Debbie Edwards

Weanling Model - Amateur

King's Prince Charming C - Danny Cantrell for Danny & Lisa Cantrell
TRI-MI Down Town Brown - Danny Cook for Danny & Jana Cook

Yearling Model - Open

Polaris's Foxfire - Mark Holifield for Don & Judi Bethard
Savannah Sunrise PP - Linda Shaddy for Chris & Mendy Penner

Yearling Model - Amateur

Pancho's Revelation - Brock Laws for Brocke Laws
Pride's Frosty Zane Shadow - Karla Johnson for Tommy & Karla Johnson