2016 NBC Championship Winners

2016 winners

2016 National Breeders Championship

Performance Winners

Two Year Old Breeders Open Championship

LEGENDARY LADY J., by Vance Vahle, Bolivar MO for Adam Jokisch, Freeburg IL

Reserve:SUNDOWN IN RENO, by Geno Middleton, Pomona MO for Danny & Jana Starnes, Springfield MO

2 Year Old Amateur Championship

LEGENDARY ANNIE OAKLEY, by Lee Hackler, Alma AR for Lee Hackler, Alma AR

Reserve:TIME TO BOOGIE, by Lane Patterson, Pleasant Hill MO for Lane Patterson, Pleasant Hill MO

3 Year Old Open Championship

SWEET DESIRE, by Vance Vahle, Bolivar MO for Ronlin Farms, LLC, Dadeville MO

Reserve:CHARMING MILLIE, by Josh Dampier, Eldridge MO for Vic & Alice Rowden, Buffalo MO

3 Year Old Amateur Championship

PLAYBOY'S BEEN TO HOLLYWOOD W., by Mike Wood, Bolivar MO for Mike & Sandy Wood, Bolivar MO

Reserve:BACK ALLEY SALLEY, by Steve Dampier, Eldridge MO for Vic & Alice Rowden, Buffalo MO

4 Year Old Open Championship

SHES SOMETHING SPECIAL, by Erin Patterson, Pleasant Hill MO for Janice Patterson, Harrisonville MO and Colton Patterson, Pleasant Hill MO

Reserve:PAULA DEEN, by Vance Vahle, Bolivar MO for Ricky Palmer, Hartville MO and Jessica Revey, Hartville MO

4 Year Old Amateur Championship

LEGEND'S HAIL MARI, by Dawn Toler, Rogersville MO for Dawn Toler, Rogersville MO and Shanna Toler, Rogersville MO

Reserve:HEZA ROCK STAR, by Amber Wilson, Bonner Springs KS for Amber & Colleen Wilson, Bonner Springs KS

Senior Open Championship

OUTTA THE BLUE, by Bryan Biggs, Farmington MO for Joe & Jennifer Stewart, Farmington AR
Reserve:BABY GRAND, by Tom Williams, Buffalo MO for Brian and Autumn Larkowski, Strafford MO

Senior Amateur Championship

HEAVEN HELP US, by Debra Levillie, Stockton MO for Brian & Debra Levillie, Stockton MO
Reserve:MIDNIGHT MANDY, by Sharon Jolley Ballowe, Rogersville MO for Sharon Jolley-Ballowe, Rogersville MO and Karen Leighton, Springfield MO

Two Gait, 4 & Over Champion


LADY ANTEBELLUM, by Lee Hackler, Alma AR for Lee Hackler, Alma AR

Reserve:MISS LORI DARLIN, by D. Andrew Mantle, Sparta MO for D. Andrew Mantle, Sparta MO and Clay Mantle, Sparta MO

Model Championship

Model Weanling Champion

REDNECK TANGO, by Darrell Martin, Rolla MO for Darrell Martin, Rolla MO

Non-NBC Championship Classes

Men's Championship


PLAYBOY'S SOUTHERN BELLE, by Kim Landon, Lebanon MO for Kim & Kara Landon, Lebanon MO

Reserve:DOC'S SURGEON GENERAL, by Donnie Daugherty, Springfield MO for Linda Kay Sutton, Seymour MO

Ladies Championship


PATRIOT'S COOL HAND LUKE, by Pat Denney, Rogersville MO for Ronald E & Pat Denney, RogersvilleMO
Reserve:THE AVA TRADITION, by Maxcy Dimmick, Ash Grove MO for Jeff Shields, Ash Grove MO and MaxcyDimmick, Ash Grove MO

Amateur Championship

PATRIOT'S COOL HAND LUKE, by Pat Denney, Rogersville MO for Ronald E & Pat Denney, Rogersville MO

Reserve: SWEET ROSES A, by Kassidy Landon, Lebanon MO for Kim & Kara Landon, Lebanon MO

Youth Championship

Youth 12-17 Championship

SWEET ROSES A, by Kurt Landon, Lebanon MO for Kim & Kara Landon, Lebanon MO
Reserve:KING'S SPECIAL SENSATION, by Keeli Land, Dora MO for Brian & Tara Land, Dora MO

Youth, 11 & Under Championship

PHANTOMS PRINCE CHARLES, by Jamie Alford, Springfield MO for Dr. Julie Alford, Springfield MO and Jamie Alford, Springfield MO
Reserve:KINGS SWEET CHAMPAGNE, by Luvo Rutledge, Walnut Grove MO for Lee Hackler, Alma AR


The Farkus Family

 The Farkus Family visit the Breeders Cup.



farkus nbcBack in August 1998 the Farkus family heard there was a big horse show in Lebanon, Mo. paying bucks called the National Breeders Cup just like the one Willie Ray & Beemer attended in 1997 at Springfield, Mo.

Beemer stayed home so Mama Farkus (Mary Grace) could attend with Willie Ray. They worked hard to win money in the Barrel Racing, unfortunately Mama fell off and their hopes of winning were over for 1998.










99 farkus family


Since Willie Ray and Beemer couldn't come to the '99 Breeders Cup, Mama Farkus decided to bring other family members.

Seems there is a marriage in the family very soon, Mama was so proud to introduce her soon to be in-law, a lovely lady with long jet black hair.







99 farkus mama


Mama Farkus has learnt to do flying leap onto her horse, remember Mama took a nasty fall last year and had to climb on a barrel to remount. She is determined never to be without a way to mount "Fluffy".

Be sure to visit with Mama and her family at the 2000 Breeders Cup Show.  

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2016 NBC Show



flag daleThe 3nd Annual Breeders Cup was opened each night with Dale Esther, President of NBC, carrying the United States flag. This year’s Breeders Cup exceeded last years' purse with $118,000 given away in money and prizes. Prizes were donated by our Corporate sponsors. The first place Open Breeders Cup and Amateur Breeders Cup winners received the use of aFeatherlite Trailer for one year. The reserve winners of both Open and Amateur Breeder Cup received a saddle from Ortho-Flex Saddleslocated at Nevada, Mo. and presented by Mr. Len Brown.

Attendance exceeded last year with people coming from all over the United States and great support from the Lebanon area. In attendance on Saturday night was a large group of young people from a Riding Academy, most of this group had never seen a foxtrotter.

We were thrilled by the caliber of horses and riders participating in the 3 day event. From this writer's viewpoint and the roar of applause from the audience, the show receives an all around #1 rating. If this show set a standard for future Breeders Cup Shows...the officers and board of both NAB & NBC have lots of work ahead to make next year's show even better and continue this trend.

The two year old classes were filled with excellent horses! A few of these horses went out the gate without receiving a ribbon...most in attendance that we talked with agreed that it would be nice to take home any one of these horses. Breeders, amateurs and trainers are to be congratulated on a job well done.

If you missed the three year old classes, you missed the best performance classes ever to be held in our breed! The amateur 3 year old class had to be split to accommodate all the entries. The first ever 4 year old Breeders Cup class was down in number but made up for this factor with the best of the best competing for the blue. In the 3 and 4 year old classes we are seeing several of our Breeders Cup Stallions competing in the show ring -- in the future we will see these stallions competing against their offspring in senior division. That will be exciting!

Friday and Saturday night brought surprises to the audience with the Farkus family showing up again this year totally disrupting the show.  Due to an injury, the Farkus family had to leave quickly.  We heard through the grape vine that the injury was minor and all is well at the Farkus house.  A member of the family showed up unexpectedly on Saturday night to model a beautiful horse taking home a blue ribbon!   More details and pictures to come.

The Annual Business Meeting was held on Saturday at 1:00 PM with the election of officers.  After a brief discussion of business the meeting was adjourned so the board could get ready for the Model classes. 

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put on this show and all the volunteers who gave their time to help during the three day event.You are greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to the Exhibitors for their participation and support.  During the three day show we experienced one of the worst heat waves Missouri has had in recent years, so we know it was hot and dusty working your horses in the outside arena.   Any moisture that was put on the outdoor arena was dried up fast by the sweltering sun.   We attempted to help with this problem by keeping the indoor arena open extended hours so everyone could work their horses in more comfortable conditions. 

Thanks for helping make the 1999 Breeders Cup a SUCCESS!


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Tri-Mi Just Jasper



Tri-Mi Just Jasper


Tri-Mi Just Jasper (known as Jasper) returned to the National Breeders Championship show in 2014 to take championship honors in the Yearling Model Championship class after claiming Weanling Model Championship at the 2013 NBC show. Jasper is owned by Melanie Wynn and Russell Kelley of Grovesprings, MO, and was handled/shown by Wade Hightower in 2014 and Laura Hudson in 2013.

'Jasper' was bred, raised, and trained by Linda Shaddy of Tri-Mi Stables. His dam is 'Dixie Blaze' by 'Blizzards Cowboys Brass' and is sired by NAB nominated stallion, 'It's My Time'.

Wynn says that she "fell in love with Jasper when he was 3 days old," noting that his "personality and demenor are one of a kind, not to mention he is easy on the eyes." Jasper has a "large crowd" of followers, Wynn adds several important people to Jaspers success, "Russell Kelley, Linda Shaddy, Janet Cunningham, Chris Wynn, Laura Hudson (NAB handler in 2014), and Wade Hightower (NAB handler in 2014)."

"The atmosphere at the NAB is truly amazing feeling and the icing on the cake is knowing that Jasper helped in creating that kind of atmosphere," says Wynn. "After winning the NAB people really started watching Jasper wanting to know what stud was he out of, who trained him, because of winning the NAB people now who Jasper is," adds Wynn!

Congratulations again to 'Tri-Mi Just Jasper,' owners Melanie Wynn and Russell Kelley, trainer Linda Shaddy, and handler Wade Hightower on their 2014 NBC Yearling Championship win!