2008 National Breeders Championship


Two Year OldOpen

1. Teardrops On My Guitar, shown by Steve Dampier
Owner: Joe Dampier

 2. Allie McBeal, shown by Tom Williams
Owner: Steve Wood

Two Year Old Amateur

1. Patriot's Redemption, shown by Lane Patterson
Owner: Lane Patterson

2. Trax-Sational, shown by Jamie Dedmon
Owner: Jamie and Eva Dedmon

3 Year Old Open

1. Grand Central, shown by Tom Williams
Owner: Vic & Alice Rowden
2. Ace's Red Rock M.L., shown by Geno Middleton
Owner: Paul Hatfield

3 Year Old Amateur

1. She's Fantastic, shown by Shawn Marhefka
Owner: Shawn Marhefka
Jester's Charming General R., shown by Larry Robbins
Owner: Larry Robbins

4 Year Old Open

1. Levi Alert, shown by David Ogle
Owner: Jan Alford
2. King's Daisy Duke, shown by Clifton Matlock
Owner: Nancy Matlock

4 Year Old Amateur

1. Lilly Claire, shown by Jarrod Freeman
Owner: Jarrod Freeman
2. Southern Sunrise's Romeo, shown by Jenalee Stevens
Owner: Andrew Hendrix

Senior Open

1. Sunrise Tradition, shown by David Ogle
Owner: Phillip & Barbara Turner
2. King Bay Rhythm Star, shown by Clifton Matlock
Owner: Jim & Juanita Mann

Senior Amateur

1. Red Ransom A, shown by Jan Alford
Owner: Jan Alford
2. HTR's Rock N' Roller, shown by Steve R. Wood
Owner: Steve R. Wood


Amateur Specialty 5 & Over

1. King's Special Sensation, shown by Linda Kilroy
Owner: Larry & Linda Kilroy
2. Patriot's Red Ruby, shown by Kent Hyde
Owner: Kent & Jan Hyde


Weanling Model - Open

1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, shown by Laura Hudson
Owner: Mike & Angelia Owens
2. Deja Vu, shown by Linda Shaddy
Owner: Kathy and Mitzi Nichols

Weanling Model - Amateur

1. Play Hard, shown by Debbie Edwards
Owner: Debbie Edwards
2. Glory's Mercedes Benz, shown by Mark Mackie
Owner: Mark Mackie

Yearling Model - Open

1. Tri-Mi Alter Ego, shown by Linda Shaddy
Owner: Linda Shaddy
2. Starfire's Hillbilly Deluxe, shown by Laura Hudson
Owner: Donna Hightower

Yearling Model - Amateur

1. Halle Berry, shown by Danielle Anthony
Owner: Danielle Anthony
2. REM Bound To Happen, shown by Dr Ruth Massey
Owner: Dr Ruth Massey