Mama and Willie Ray Farkus

Barrel Racing
and the Farkus Family

Mary Grace, Willie Ray & Beemer

Back in August 1998 the Farkus family heard there was a big horse show in Lebanon, Mo. paying bucks called the National Breeders Cup just like the one Willie Ray & Beemer attended in 1997 at Springfield, Mo. Beemer agreed to stay home and keep an eye on the stock, since Willie Ray and him didn't do so good in the 1997 National Breeders Cup at Springfield, Mo.

Willie Ray and Mama showing the crowd a good foxtrot. Should we tell them, Fluffy is pacing?

So Mama Farkus and Willie Ray took Fluffy (Mama calls her Blacky) and headed to Lebanon in hopes of being in the lead line class and win some money.

But Willie Ray said, "When the competition saw Mama's good looks, my personality and Fluffy's fox-trot, they knew they didn't stand a chance, so they cancelled the class. Fluffy was very disappointed."

They immediately began to prepare for the barrel race. Willie Ray said he thought they about had it won until Mama fell off. Mama proceeded to get back on Fluffy by jumping quite a distance from atop barrel No. 2 to the back of Fluffy. When Mama landed she landed a little off center (if you know what I mean). Willie Ray said, "Mama took Fluffy by surprise and she really dropped down in the back when Mama landed." We just hopes it didn't mess up her fox-trot (Fluffy's, that is).

Since that flying leap of faith, Mama is slowly getting better. She said, "I hit so hard, I either punctured my gizzard or maybe massed my prostate."

Beemer said, "Mama is about part doctor". She'll be fine. She always doctors herself."

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