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Foxtrotter Gaits

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Professional presentation!

Learn what the experts know!

Train your eye to spot a winner!

Don't be left out!

The first APPROVED Judges Standard Video (DVD) is available now to everyone!  This professional presentation will take you step by step through the gaits of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. 

Learn what the judges look for in the proper execution of the gaits.

For pleasure or show, this presentation will become a priceless addition to your Fox Trot video collection.

Order this video by filling out the FORM, please send form, check or money order to:

National Association of Breeders
P O Box 3193
Springfield, MO 65808

Shipping & Handling Included*

Special PRICE

Limited Number Available
at this LOW Price!


*International (Overseas) Shipping and Handling for each DVD Ordered  Add -  $6.00
Make check payable to: National Association of Breeders
Allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery