2002 National Breeders Championship


Two Year Old Open

Ramblin Rocky, Geno Middleton for Vic & Alice Rowden
Prince of Pride, Donnie Daugherty for Beth Tripp

Two Year Old Amateur

The Remedy, Sharon Jolley for Sharon Jolley
Silver Dollar Tilly C., Lisa Cantrell for Danny & Lisa Cantrell

3 Year Old Open

Patriot's Twist'N Sister, Steve Dampier for Wayne & Helen Jones
Patriot's Vintage Wine, Justin Dampier for Gwen Smith

3 Year Old Amateur

Alert's Hard Cash, Julie Alford for Julie Alford
Summer Jazz, Melissa Morgan for Melissa Morgan

4 Year Old Open

The Red Express, David Ogle for Julie Alford
Cardinal's Miss Magic, Geno Middleton for Steve & Lisa Mayfield

4 Year Old Amateur

Patriot's Challenge, Patty Donley for Gene & Patty Donley
Cerra Sunrise, Karen Jolley Leighton for Karen Jolley Leighton

Senior Open

Southern Playboy, Clyde Connelly for Clyde & Linda Connelly
Major Sunrise, Jamie Johnson for Donald & Connie Stockton

Senior  Amateur

Corkey Lee A., Sammie Lynn Barclay for Angelia & Sammie Barclay
Jest In Time, Ed Cooksey for Ed & Harriet Cooksey


Weanling Model - Open

Top Gun's Goin In Style V.S., Johnnie Miller for George & JoAnn
Rio's Diamond Lady, Ross Harper for Ocala Foxtrotter Ranch

Weanling Model - Amateur

Tri-Mi Calvin Klein, Kathy Peppers for Kathy Pepper
Legacy's Bay Beauty, Sammie Barclay, Angelia & Sammy Barclay

Yearling Model - Open

Barbie's Hippy George, Linda Shaddy for Jamie Dryer
Causin' Confusion, Ross Harper for Steve Maxey

Yearling Model - Amateur

Black Berry Brandy, Sharon Jolley for Sharon Jolley
Sensational Black Ice, Julie Christiansen for Julie A. Christiansen