National Breeders Championship


2024 National Breeders Championship Show
August 8-10, 2024
NEW Wilson Logistics Arena
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield, MO

2024 Show Schedule | 2023 Show Results

All NBC classes require pre-entry and pre-payment. Schedule for fees and deadlines are as follows:

Lifetime Nomination:
Lifetime nomination ensures the cheapest entry fees for the life of the horse.  This recognition stays with the horse. No transfer fees are required if horse is sold.
Fees and Deadlines
$100 due March 1 of yearling year
$200 due October 1 of the yearling year

$200 due March 1 of show year
$300 due June 1 of show year
$400 due August 1 of show year

Entry Fees for Eligible Non-Nominated Horses   
If you missed nominating your eligible yearling, you can still enter using the fee schedule above. Once you enter once, your horse becomes a Lifetime Nominated Horse.
Fees and Deadlines
2 & 3 Year Olds:
$600.00 by March 1 of the show year
$800.00 by June 1 of the show year
$900.00 by August 1 of the show year

4 Years & Over
$300.00 by March 1 of the show year
$400.00 by June 1 of the show year
$500.00 by August 1 of the show year


Question: What is the difference between the National Association of Breeders (NAB) and the National Breeders Championship (NBC)?

Answer: The National Association of Breeders is the governing body that promotes and produces the National Breeders Championship Show.

Question: What is a nominated National Breeders Championship stallion?

Answer: Any registered Missouri Fox Trotting stallion can be a nominated NBC stallion by paying a fee for the nomination during a specific year’s breeding season (October 1st until September 30th). Any foal conceived during the breeding season for which the stallion was nominated is eligible to be a nominated NBC horse.

Question: Can any horse be shown in the National Breeders Championship Show?

Answer: Only NBC nominated horses can show in NBC classes at the show. There are also non-NBC classes at the show, in which any registered Missouri Fox Trotting horse may show.

Question: What is the difference between a NBC class and a non-NBC class?

Answer: The differences are in the paybacks and the entry deadlines. NBC classes must be pre-entered and the non-NBC class entries can made up until the day of the show. The paybacks of NBC classes are generated from entry fees and stallion nomination fees. Paybacks are based on the number of entries in each age division and the number of nominated NBC Stallions in the year that the current 2 year olds were conceived. Paybacks for first place in a championship class can be over $2,000, depending on the number of entries in that age division. The paybacks for the non-NBC classes are a set schedule starting at $125 for first place in a championship class.

Question: What is a NBC nominated horse?

Answer:. A horse is eligible to be a NBC nominated horse if it was sired by a stallion that was nominated as a NBC Stallion during the year that the resulting offspring was conceived. The resulting offspring must be nominated (or entered) to show as a 2 year old in performance. There are three opportunities to nominate an eligible offspring. It may be nominated by March 1st of its yearling year, or by October 1st of its yearling year, or by March 1st of the year it is 2 years old. The payment made to nominate an offspring results in the horse being a lifetime nominated NBC horse, and enters it in the NBC show for its 2 year old year.

Question: What does it mean to have a nominated horse?

Answer: It means that the horse may show in any NBC Show during its lifetime, with the proper entry fees.

Question: What if a horse is eligible for nomination but was not nominated to show as a 2 year old?

Answer: A horse that was not nominated as a 2 year old may be nominated at any age, with a penalty fee as described in the Guidelines and Policies of the National Association of Breeders. Once that penalty fee is paid, the horse becomes a lifetime nominated NBC horse and can be shown in any future NBC Show, all entry fees apply.

Question: If a horse is paid up for a model class in the National Breeders Championship Show, does it become a nominated NBC horse?

Answer: No, horses shown in model classes must be eligible NBC horses, however entry in any model class does not qualify the horse as eligible for future shows. Payment must still be made for the 2 year old performance.