1997 Results

1997 Breeders Championship Results

Thursday – August 14, 1997 

1. – Amateur
Equitation Winner was Dawn Toler

  1. Super Sunrise, Jennilee Stevens for Larry Stevens
  2. Betty’s Country Dandy, owned and shown by Dawn Toler
  3. Playboy’s Naughty Ned, owned and shown by Doug Pascoe
  4. Miss B. Gambler, Karen Stringer for Bill and Karen Stringer
  5. Jazzman’s Diamond Lad, Bill Herndon for Bill and Betty Herndon
  6. Heavenly Jazz, Evan Wood for Evan and Lisa Wood
  7. Stardust J. Wayne Jones for Wayne and Helen Jones
  8. King James, Janet Esther for Dale and Janet Esther
  9. Sizzlin Suzi, Denise Hamilton for Larry and Denise Hamilton
  10. Camelot, Ross Adams for Ross and Mary Adams  

2. Youth 12-17
Equitation Winner was Juli Toler

  1. Legend’s First Lady, Mitzi Nichols
  2. Outlaw Queen, Monica Nichols
  3. Sugar Doll, Jacob Abuchon
  4. Ramblin Fever, Joshua Abuchon
  5. Chief’s Cinderella T. Juli Toler
  6. Stroker’s Boot Scootin Boogie, Jarred Freeman
  7. Missouri’s Golden Lady, Melissa Kenney
  8. Shazam P., Melissa Mitchell
  9. Prima Donna, Karie Williams
  10. Julian’s Fabulous Rockie, Jennifer White

3. – Open
Equitation Winner was Clell Osburn

  1. Legend’s Hello Dolly H. , Molly Lewis for Kent Hyde
  2. Traveler’s Stratus B, Vance Vahle for Jeff and Sherry Hampton
  3. Traveler’s Polaris, David Ogle for Don and Judi Bethard
  4. Legend’s Shadow M., Randy Williams for George and JoAnn Becker
  5. Santana Bull, Buck Thompson for Gale Thompson
  6. Ozark Golden Queen, Steve Dampier for Dallas Beaird
  7. Cloud’s Misty Dream, Clifton Matlock for Linda Frisella
  8. High Roller C, Jamie Johnson for Don and Carol Cunningham
  9. Patriot’s Rising Star, Bill Denman for Linda Kephart
  10. Manning’s Sunrise Traveler, Jim Sell for Rex Manning

4. Youth 11 and Under
Equitation Winner was Ryan Denney

  1. Missouri’s Fire Star, Ryan Denney
  2. Shaker’s Sport Shake, Amanda Wood
  3. Chief’s Little Traveler, Emily Pearson 

5. – Amateur
Equitation Winner was Willa Danner

  1. Country Kate D, Willa Danner for Richard and Willa Danner
  2. Dusty Sunrise, Cory Pascoe for Darlena Roberts
  3. Lad’s Saint Valentine, Evans Wells for Marc Wells
  4. Lot of Jazz, owned and shown by Evan Wood
  5. Opps, Valerie McCord for Gary McCord
  6. Ameretta Sunrise, Mark Holifield for Brian Kirk
  7. Pirate’s Buttercup, Jim McNail for Jim and Judy McNail
  8. Smokey F, Barbara Flanigan for Paul and Barbara Flanigan
  9. Sundust Lady Anne, Linda Kilroy for Larry and Linda Kilroy
  10. Missouri’s Lady Di, owned and shown by Harold Johnson

6. – Open
Equitation Winner was Jo Ann Becker

  1. Patriot’s Scud Buster, Jerry Middleton for D Montgomery and S Kenny
  2. Southern Playboy, Clyde Connelly for Clyde and Linda Connelly
  3. Cast Iron Camelot, Megan Pettit for Dennis and Janice Handel
  4. Cast Iron Captain, Justin Dampier for Larry and Denise Hamilton
  5. Country Pride, Donnie Daugherty for C. Kuntz and S. Edgar
  6. Benton County Sunrise, Zack Stevens for Shirley Place
  7. King of Country, Mike Rutledge for Joe Weatherly
  8. Cloud’s Diamond Delite, Russell Matlock for Gail Mc Daniel
  9. Southern Santana, Mike Owens for Mike and Linda Owens
  10. Pirate’s Rip, Pat Aubuchon for Willis Rothmeyer  

Friday – August 15, 1997 

7. Open Model Class 

  1. Vanity Fair, Johnny Miller for Valerie
  2. Perfection’s Bay Beauty, Mike Rutledge for Patricia Smith
  3. Rumor Has It, owned and shown by Linda Shaddy
  4. Cee Me Boogie, Jamie Johnson for Dineen Johnson
  5. Jack’s Sensation Jacqueline, Tammy Turner for Jim and Shelby Huft
  6. Rambler’s Colita Gold J, Pam Zastoupil for Jan Roberts

8. Amateur Model Class 

  1. Traveler’s Powerstroke, Buzzy Worsham for Brian Kirk
  2. Sunrise’s High Caliber, owned and shown by Charles Greenfield
  3. Sensation’s Lightning Jack, Tim Flowers for Tim and Diane Flowers
  4. Rambler’s Misty Princess W, Oscar Nell for Elizabeth Williams
  5. Missouri’s Act of Grace, Gene Moeller for Gene and Nadine Moeller
  6. Sundust’s Madam V. Elmer Scott for Ardis Vinnecour
  7. Stolen Silver, Benny Weatherford for Valerie McCord  

9. 3 year old Ladies
Equitation Winner was Tammy Turner

  1. Ruby Wings, Karen Jolley
  2. Cast Iron’s Fancy Playgirl, Sarah Edgar
  3. Jack’s Tarnished Gold H, Tammy Turner  

10. 3 year old & older Men
Equitation Winner was Jeff Manning

  1. Manning’s Southern Lady Belle, Rex Manning
  2. Ramblin Rowdy, owned and shown by Larry Kilroy
  3. Matilda Bay, owned and shown by Mark Holifield
  4. Shadrack’s Annie V, owned and shown by Doug Pascoe
  5. Missouri’s Travelin Shadow, owned and shown by Ron Morris
  6. Golden Sunrise C, owned and shown by A.H. Shorty Chaney
  7. Jester’s Bay Lad, Greg Rieter
  8. WW’s Exclusive, owned and shown by Rick Ward
  9. McCoy’s Coyote Bill, owned and shown by Vic Rowden
  10. Cast Iron Wizard, Dennis Handel for Ken Boyce  

11. Barrel Racing 

  1. 16.942 — Charmaine Miller riding Billy Jack’s Red Rebel
  2. 17.434 — Rogena Esther riding Tornado W.
  3. 17.858 — Jeff Frazier riding Yankee’s Casper B.
  4. 18.330 — George Becker riding Strutter’s Ringleader
  5. 18.838 — Evan Wood riding Jazz’s Party Girl
  6. 19.486 — Tony Miller riding Magic Lady’s Mystic Star
  7. 20.790 — Cindy Wendlandt riding Fancy Ann D.
  8. 21.598 — Buck Thompson riding Bull’s Bahama Mama
  9. 24.351 — Jennifer White riding Julian’s Fabulous Ralsii
  10. 24.695 — Amanda Price riding Fancy Ann D.

Saturday – August 16, 1997 

12. 4 year old & older Ladies
Equitation Winner was Nadine Moeller

  1. Annie Rue, owned & shown by Jill Jones 
  2. Missouri’s Proud Mary, owned & shown by Linda Kilroy 
  3. Country Frank, Fran George for Mike Massey & Vance Vahle 
  4. Matilda Bay, owned & shown by Rhonda Holifield 
  5. Missouri’s Rose of Sharon, owned & shown by Nadine Moeller 
  6. The Mistress, Autumn Wolf for Don Brooks 
  7. Legend’s Lady M, owned & shown by Sharon Baggett 
  8. Little Miss Redwing, owned & shown by Sharon Sutherland 
  9. Missouri’s Fire Star, owned & shown by Pat Denney 
  10. Strokers Boot Scootin Boogie, owned & shown by Shaun Marzhafka  

13. Celebrity Class 

  1. Southern Gracie, Larry Burks for Mike & Linda Owens 
  2. Willy’s Blond Ambition, Roy Blunt for Tom & Betty Owens
  3. Missouri’s Travlin Shadows, Trinia Jones for Ron & Marilyn Morris
  4. Missouri’s Firestar, John T. Russell for Ron & Pat Denney 
  5. Velvet’s Prima Donna, Ben Weatherford for Gary & Valerie McCord 
  6. Perfections Midnight Bandit, Trisha Fevold for Jr. & Virginia Combs 
  7. Jazz’s Mystic Dawn, Melissa Moon for Patty Weter 
  8. Travelers Sensational Frederic, Ted Keller for Kent Hyde   

14. Western Pleasure
Equitation Winner was Sally Scott

  1. Duke’s Cast Iron Willy, owned & shown by Larry Hamilton 
  2. Scott’s Funny Face, owned & shown by Sally Scott 
  3. Lad’s Golden Traveler, owned & shown by Dineen Johnson 
  4. Wildwood’s Blast-off, owned & shown by Duane Scott 
  5. Touch of Joy, owned & shown by Brenda Neihart 
  6. Julien’s Fabulous Rockie, owned & shown by Jennifer White 

15. – Amateur Championship
Equitation Winner was Barbara Flanagan

  1. Super Sunrise, Jennilee Stevens for Larry Stevens
  2. Country Kate D, Willa Danner for Richard & Willa Danner
  3. Dusty Sunrise, Cory Pascoe for Darlene Roberts 
  4. Playboy’s Naughty Ned, owned & shown by Doug Pascoe 
  5. Miss B. Gambler, Karen Stringer for Bill & Karen Stringer 
  6. Betty’s Country Dandy, owned & shown by Dawn Toler 
  7. Lot of Jazz, Evan Wood for Evan & Lisa Wood 
  8. Oops, Valerie McCord for Gary & Valerie McCord
  9. Lad’s Saint Valentine, Evans Wells for Marc Wells 
  10. Jazzman’s Diamond Lady, Bill Herndon for Bill & Betty Herndon 

16. – Open Championship
Equitation Winner was Jamie Johnson

  1. Patriot’s Scud Buster, J. Middleton for D. Montgomery & S. Kinney
  2. Traveler’s Polaris, David Ogle for Don & Judi Bethard 
  3. Cast Iron Camelot, Megan Petitt for Dennis & Janice Handel 
  4. Southern Playboy, Clyde Connelly for Clyde & Linda Connelly 
  5. Cast Iron Captain, Justin Dampier for Larry & Denise Hamilton 
  6. Legend’s Hello Dolly, Molly Lewis for Kent Hyde 
  7. Traveler’s Stratus, Vance Vahle for Jeff & Sherry Hamilton 
  8. Cloud’s Diamond Delite, Russell Matlock for Gail McDaniel 
  9. Legend’s Shadow, Randy Williams for George & JoAnn Becker 
  10. Benton County Sunrise, Zack Stevens for Shirley Place