Phantom Of The Ozarks

Phantom Of The Ozarks
Phantom Of the Ozarks NAB Stallion

2002 Perlino Stallion

Sire: Pride’s Top Brass
Dam: First Alert
Dam’s Sire: Traveler’s Red Alert

Stallion Biography: Phantom has consistently sired offspring that compete at the top level of our breed. His get have won numerous Word Championships, World Grand Championships , National Breeders Cup Championships and Mid America Championships. By breeding to Phantom you guarantee color in your foals. Phantom is a DNA tested perlino. Breeding your bay, black, sorrel or chestnut mares to Phantom will ensure that you get a buckskin, palomino or smokey black foal. Height: 14.3 hands. Color test results: Cream: Cr/Cr Red Factor: E/e Agouti: A/a
Offspring Accomplishments: Information Coming Soon

Standing at:
Alford Stables
Buffalo, MO

Contact Information: 

Stud Fee: $600

Breeding Methods: 
Cooled Shipped Semen